Here you can find all of our past and present Voice Actors who are willing to work! You may contact them if you need Voice Actors or if you just wanna talk about roles they've had! Voice Actors who are unavailable will not be listed, sorry! D:

AbridgedRockShooter and ARSTV:

Killerwolf514- The Voice of Mato Kuroi and Black Rock Shooter (OVA and TV)

animelover622- The Voice of Saya Irino and Black Gold Saw (TV Only)

polarhamster10- The Voice of Kagari Izuriha and Chariot (TV Only)

Gravity'sChild- The Voice of Yuu Koutari and Strength (OVA and TV)
(contact via email at "")

Jenny- The Voice of Saya Irino and Black Gold Saw (Episode3 TV Only)


115saber501- The Voice of Izzy (Part4 Only), Greymon, Agumon, Infermon, and Keramon

Planty-P- The Voice of Tai, Koromon, Tentomon, Sora, and Kabuterimon

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